So lately I have been less timid about writing poetry. I started reading more of it and I did not realize just how many types of poetry there were. Well, let me rephrase that. I was aware there was a bunch of different types – but who knew they had names! The first time I heard about Haiku was before the holidays. My daughter enlightened me. And low and behold there was a daily post challenge on Haiku. No, I did not participate. Thought that would be too bold of me. You see, my knowledge of poetry went along the lines of

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways…”

Sorry that’s what I knew.

Look, the second language I learned in school was Latin. Yes. Latin. And no. I am not as old as dirt. Back then once you made it through a curriculum you were prepared for life; and a conversation with Julius Caesar. Outside of that I thought poetry was just so personal, that only the author would understand what he was talking about. Kind of like some pieces of art, like Jackson Pollock type pieces for example. I just don’t get the drizzle. But some people do. I am just saying, different strokes. I think the thing I have to remember is that no one exists in a cocoon so the human experience is always relative and relatable.

So far I really like Free Verse poetry you just let it rip, and Diamante Poems – straightforward word play. I also like Rhymes those can take some focus.

I am having the above conversation with my daughter last night and she decided she wanted to contribute a post. Here it is.


Warm, star
Rising, beating, scorching
Luminating our world, shimmering on water
Bright, glow

By Sweetpea

A Diamante Poem contribution

Right Angle

IMG_0647So calm.  And calming. I find myself going far distances while staring at this photo. It happens when I am physically there as well. Like being able to take you “peace” with you. Taken at the water’s edge a while back.