F    Following her heart doing what makes her happy

L    Living life to the fullest and fulfilling her dreams is the only way she knows

I    Initially, she lived differently before her liberation from restraints placed by


B    Bringing herself to live within such constraints

B    Brought her to a place not consistent with the free spirit tucked away inside

E    Eventually this way of living was not to be

R    Reaching this conclusion was not at all difficult

T    There was no other person to be but – HER

I    In the interim she chose to be herself

G   Giving those who thought she should be otherwise, cause for gossip

I    Innuendos were not flattering

B    Because of the free spirit she was, she chose to let that be THEIR problem

B    Back when there was a longing for approval to fit in to appease those who  

       were mortified by her choices

E    Everything she did required second thoughts in her effort to stay within set  


T    This is no longer the case as she has totally embraced the flibbertigibbet she is

       and is much happier having done so




PS Ever met a word you totally fell in love with? Mine was FLIBBERTIGIBBET it just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

The photo is of a piece of yard art in the neighborhood.





S   Same underneath blood is red, all feel pain, vital organs the same, dignity is no   


K    Kinship is a better road to take as this can only lead to a better understanding 

       across cultures

I     Instilling this in our youth is the only way to save us from ourselves

N    None is superior we are all here for a blip in time it’s time we acted like it