Lord, thank you for helping me help all the people I helped this year.
Thank you for listening to my continuous jabbering, and guiding me as needed.
Thank you for lifting me out of my deep funk before I got buried in it.
Thank you for keeping me entertained by the untainted hearts of the very young
Thank you for keeping me healthy the past year, except for that one time when I ate way too many coconut drops that was my fault
Thank you for helping me find parking spots and especially reminding me to focus on that as I leave the house in the mornings.
I just wanted to put it out there that all is appreciated




Culture Shift

ready for summer


Caribbean sun beating down folks going about their business

a languid stroll eases to a halt in the shade of a almond tree

 a respite for a soaking up of the market day scene

things are getting done not at a hasty pace

perfected is the art of moving under the Caribbean sun