all for one is all they’ve known

as members of their clan

laughing and playing jumping and jiving

as only siblings can


race to the door will be no more since

because mom has taken a stand

so heads or tails will be the game

 to now entertain this band


toss of a coin and voices chime

 heads or tails – I win

for the tiniest member at his turn it’s  

heads or toes – I win


stair steps siblings take him in hand it’s

heads or tails – I win

not to bother with thoughts from the others

the coin is tossed again


and tiny voice quick to show his grasps yells

heads of toes – I win

he cannot see what the fuss is about

for tails is toes and toes is tails

and there is where he stands

the scramble is on for the next coin toss

and it’s time to get a turn

grabbing the coin he plants and

tossed and through the air it flew


his aim is off it lands far off

so mom renews her stand

no heads no tails no heads no toes

‘cause now this game is through





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