school day snow day


all the entanglements madness insanity

highs lows unmatched intensity passion

oh please don’t leave I didn’t mean that


living at the edge of insanity

all that scattered-to- the -wind turmoil

collects itself and places itself on the side


this new love is a quiet assured intensity

you are forever changed from the core

you will never be the same


you couldn’t take your eyes off her

you experienced that shift in your DNA

you found your center in this teeny wiggler


this love brings with it no fear that it will ever fade

and that knowing smile from your parents

that says oh yeah, payback is underway


first day of half-day school

you showed up two hours early to collect her

just in case boogiemen were lurking in the bushes


she realized boys were other than toys

she made friends with the ugly ducklings

right along with the popular kids


during the teenage years you realized that

had boogiemen been at play

they would be throwing her back about now


you see her in you and you in her

and wonder how that happened

forever intertwined with this love of mine