Daily Post Prompt: Back Door

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.


Lookin’ Out My Back Door

What do I see,

yard grass

garden awaking

a slow process from winter

all straw colored plants

tulips are awake

the push to flower is on

they are half way there

the hydrangea

still in a winter retreat

there’s no new life yet

hostas lilies ferns

are still in a deep slumber

not waking till hot

jacob’s ladder lives

alongside the fern huddles

till prolonged warmth comes



A to Z Challenge:CALAMITY

A to Z Challenge


Calamity was her intent she

had no interest in fair play

her strategy was to manipulate

wear down, irritate, to the

point of surrender


this she just knew would result

in her being seen way out of turn

special favors in hand in the staff’s

growing desperate need for quiet

she was reed thin, not in a healthy way


so she is tall, with false eye lashes

way too thick in a grating smoker’s

voice from hell She pursued her

tactic of aggravating agitating and disrupting,

verbally abusing impeding all progress


bringing all intelligent process to a halt

It was not to be her course was in vane

so she left notably short of her quest

tail tucked, her whimper was deafening

calamity was her intent











A to Z Challenge  A is for Airgonaut


Airborne savoring the freedom in free fall

Invigorating – being one with nature

Rapid desent cheeks fluttering ears flapping in the wind

Gravity having its say

Overall thrill outweighs any hesitation

Nature being tempted and trifled with

Apprehension takes a holiday

Upholding the premise of living life out loud

Taking adventure by the tail and hanging on for the ride





Airgonaut : One who journeys through the air like skydivers and balloonists.

 A person who is engaged in a dangerous but rewarding quest; an adventurer