G is for GYNIOLATRY    definition.  Deep respect or devotion for women




G. Gazing upon her is the most favored part of his day

Y. Yar is the attribute she deploys as she navigates obstacles – an observation in quiet defiance

N. Noteworthy is the dignity she exudes in her interactions

I. Intermingling for her is an art she does it with such ease and grace a quality to which he aspires

O. Obeying her inner voice has yet to muddle her path is her ongoing proclamation

L. Laden with responsibilities she gets done before work that which takes some all day to accomplish

A. Absurdity she has no tolerance for it’s devoid of purpose

T. Time for the self will ensure there is a self such is her belief so relaxation is compulsory

R. Renegade though he is he finds himself humbled and in awe of her devotion to family with all    their quirks and intricacies

Y. Yielding to her will always be his desire – a reflection of his deep respect to all that is woman




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