H  is for HECTOR      A to Z challenge

definition:  a blustering domineer, arrogant bully

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H   His attire was of the finest material suits hand sewn by his personal tailor at great expense shoes of the finest leather

E   Elegance of dress he thought brought with it an elevation in social status in his ignorance he failed to recognize that not even the finest of clothing could conceal the rambunctious domineering wretch that he was

C   Continually holding himself above his peers he sacrificed civility and felt no obligation to be otherwise his peers had lost respect for him and he didn’t seem to grasp that

T   This torturous relationship proved over time not to be worth the effort he had alienated the few true friends that he had and they had moved on he now realized that he was alone and truly unto himself

O   Overtures on his part to reconnect were unsuccessful

R   Regret was his new companion