A to Z Challenge Poem: KOUROS

K is for KOUROS



Def. nude male statue, a representative of youth, from the Archaic period in Greece

K. Kindred spirits their days were spent in adventure and exploration for hours on end

O. Olympus offered an excellent challenge for climbing throwing stones hurling bigger rocks and practicing with his slingshot it was his favorite place to be

U. Unyielding adventure is how he filled his days

R.  Racing and playing with his friends all served to to build muscles as well as character

O. Ongoing changes to his body meant it was again time to document this new milestone in a portrait

S.  Sculpted from stone like Michelangelo’s David he was captured for posterity



This photo was taken outside the fame Erasmus Hall High School on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, New York. This school has been in existence since 1786

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