A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: MARLINE

M is for MARLINE

Definition: small rope wound about larger rope to keep it from fraying


M  Marvin had issues he spent his life putting out fires that was soley of his making

 Always doing unto others before they did into him was his lifes motto

 Realizing that this stance of his could also go the other way give him sleepless nights

 Living life trying to outmaneuver the consequences of his poor decisions was becoming exhausting

   Isabelle changed all that she changed him

 Never quite understanding what she saw in him he wondered why she would choose to be with him from the beginning he shielded her from his day to day activities but she knew he was no angel

Eventually he came to appreciate that she was the rope that tethered him and kept him from fraying to the point of being undone







14 responses to “A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: MARLINE

  1. I have a hard time seeing what she saw in him, too! I’ve known a few men who were headed down that road – “putting out fires of their own making”. I finally learned to run away fast! Another terrific poem!


  2. What a clever , interesting and well rounded post. I love how you tied it all together and I learned a word to boot! MARLINE! I never thought of Acrostic Poems as something so sophisticated, you absolutely rocked my brain cells BRAVO!!! BRAVISSIMO !!! I chose Misogyny because in so many parts of the world being a female can be a detriment. I am at http://www.thebridgeofdeaths.com … Hope you have time to swing by happy #a2zchallenge


  3. LOL. In a lifetime I think we have all come across one of these. Your survival is dependent on just when and how fast you run doesn’t it! And it comes on both sides of the aisle…man or woman.


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