A to Z Challenge Acrostic poem: OGEE


O is for OGEE

Definition:  OGEE…S- Shaped


O   Ocean on one side picturesque jagged cliffs on the other  this narrow roadway hugs the edge

G   Grand ocean views tempered by rambunctious crashing waves like screaming warriors  scaling a precipice only to be sucked back down again

E   Evenings send the  mesmerizing sunsets the temptress beckons seducing all on this curvy drive

E   Every  stolen glimpse from this meandering S-shape is a glimpse closer to peril




6 responses to “A to Z Challenge Acrostic poem: OGEE

    • Aaaah!!!! You got it!! That’s exactly what I have been doing. I enter unusual words starting with “?” And lots of great words pop up. It’s like a feast 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Come again….I’m so excited!!


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