A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: Bellicose

Yeah!! I missed a letter in the A to Z challenge, here it is, let me just get it out of the way.

IMG_3784 monkey puzzle tree

Definition: favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars


B  Belligerent should be his given name he was referred to as such often enough

E  Everywhere he was known it was understood that he didn’t put out fires he

L  Lived to make them bigger

L  Luther was a ball buster he didn’t know anything else

I  In the past when he had a girl he had tried not to be overly aggressive for her sake

C  Continually trying to pull back on his reaction to things and sticking to it was hard thinking about consequences and end results was not how he was wired

O  Officially he was supposed to be working on it he was incapable of looking at things all the way through to the other side

Since the last time he completely lost it people that he truly cared about were hurt and disappointed in him

E  Ever since his dad passed there was no one saying – boys will be boys anymore – reigning it in was now up to him




Scoundrels and Madness


On my car radio this morning there was this story..a blurb actually.

A young woman went out on a blind date with someone she met on the internet. After the date they went back to her apartment. She went into another room for something and when she came back her TV and her Dog was gone. In reporting this to the police she didn’t even know his last name.

I’d say she was lucky!!. What is going on out there????

We keep expecting monsters to look like monsters!!





I took this photo at the Brooklyn Museum some time ago

A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: RAISONNEUR



 Definition: person in a play or book embodying author’s view point


R   Rohan the protagonist had become a very sought after role even before the book was optioned for the stage

A   All that had been poured onto its pages had come from events that had directly or indirectly touched his life

I   Influencing the books development was that prickly bundle of life’s incidents he had tucked away deep within

S   So profound were they that they had a direct bearing on his personality now he will not be subjugated

  Once the opportunity presented itself for a stage production he was glad he had let it all in

N   No detail was to be spared in revealing the horrid monstrous bullies they had been with Rohan as the leader of the pack

N   Never in his life as a nerd did he think he would have the opportunity to expose his tormentors even if doing so brought him back to that place in time

E   Eviscerating them in fiction was his intention he did so in a manner that made them cringe at the person they had been and had them eluding their fifteen minutes

U   Unlike anything he had written before these characters especially Rohan were clamoring to get out of his head and onto the pages

R   Relief came with this verbal exorcism the stain on his childhood was removed he no longer inhabited that place poetic license had been his to wield





Photo taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden plant shop.