panama canal survivor

crazy ass

prickly ole fart

ninety eight years old




in neighborhood bar

bet you I can drink more than you

a wet behind the ear youngster

he won

fell out

taken to hospital

raised hell

don’t want to die here

kicked out the hospital due to rebel rousing

want to die in my own house

did just that

with a smile on his face





Photo taken at 7:15pm this past Sunday.

In the month of April I participated in the marathon A to Z Challenge which I absolutely enjoyed. It gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of these characters running around in my head. Most of them I didn’t even know were there. I just followed where they took me. To all who stopped by, commented and decided to stick around, I thank you. I really do appreciate your support.


As for suggestions for improvement, I have none, it was a great experience all around.

A special thanks to Alex J. Cavnaugh

and cohosts and helpers.

Especially to those who helped when my brain was fried from working 12 hour shifts and I couldn’t remember the rules of the challenge in the beginning. Which is why my ‘B’ entry came way down the line. A special thanks to

Danny D of

Evelyne of

for their continued support and encouragement. I did not get to as many blogs as I would have liked but I do plan to plod on.

Again thanks to all.



A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: ZETA



Z is for ZETA

Definition : a small room or closet in a church

Z   Zsazsa looked forward to and planned this very special day since she was a young girl

E   Enrique was her Prince he completed her they had come a long way

T   Today was the day yet here she stood rooted to the spot in this small room – petrified

A   Awaiting her was Enrique and a church full of wedding guests