Photo taken at 7:15pm this past Sunday.

In the month of April I participated in the marathon A to Z Challenge which I absolutely enjoyed. It gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of these characters running around in my head. Most of them I didn’t even know were there. I just followed where they took me. To all who stopped by, commented and decided to stick around, I thank you. I really do appreciate your support.


As for suggestions for improvement, I have none, it was a great experience all around.

A special thanks to Alex J. Cavnaugh

and cohosts and helpers.

Especially to those who helped when my brain was fried from working 12 hour shifts and I couldn’t remember the rules of the challenge in the beginning. Which is why my ‘B’ entry came way down the line. A special thanks to

Danny D of

Evelyne of

for their continued support and encouragement. I did not get to as many blogs as I would have liked but I do plan to plod on.

Again thanks to all.



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