Took this photo yesterday on York Ave around E68th St. I think that backdrop might be temporary buildings. Anyway, the colors drew me in. All the flowers around here are still babies, that long hard winter I guess.



IMG_3716 tops

This flowering tree was really high up, the balconies from this building has a terrific view. They must feel like they are living in a tree house, in an urban setting. This was on W30th St and 2nd Ave I believe.




4 responses to “Views

  1. That first one is beautifully framed. The dark branches look like an abstract ink drawing with watercolor pink blossoms in front. Quite a striking contrast.


    • I know,also that very last wall in the back it was all about contrast. That’s either stone or concrete. I had to stop to take this one. Bumper to bumper does serve it’s purpose.:))


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