IMG_4409 shapes

Photo of the urban jungle taken two weeks ago

Written in response to Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “crack


new life reaches up
through the cracks in the sidewalks
jungle replenished




6 responses to “URBAN JUNGLE

  1. Your haiku triggered this –

    I went to an exhibit at the Denver Museum on the Mayans and part of the exhibit was about how their population grew; they overused the soil; eventually drought destroyed crops; and they disappeared leaving their dwellings abandoned. Rains returned; jungle growth grew and completely covered most of the dwellings and many are still being newly discovered. Nature will prevail!


    • Its amazing to learn thats how all those ruins came to be. I didn’t know that. A few days ago I got cause in a massive downpour and I actually saw sprays of water from the small hole in the manhole cover. I never saw that before. It was about 6feet tall. That’s shat inspired the haiku.


      • That’s a little unnerving! I’ve read that urban infrastructures are so old and frayed they all need replacing butthe money isn’t available because, of course, governments aren’t far-sighted enough for long term capital expenditures. These storms and wildfires and tornados will tax those systems even furthe.

        Well that’s a doomsday outlook! Sorry didn’t mean to leave a downer message! On a good note, we have sun a warm temperstures – finally after a very late spring. Yay!


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