Breakfast Bar


Those are surf boards hanging from the ceiling

Literally!!!  A surfer bar, really big and airy. Most of the people in there had tattoos, and was tanned beyond reality and of all ages.

Yep! I was the extra muscle (I was terrible at it- folded at every challenge) on a trip to Hawaii with my sister and her three bad a** kids; ages two, three and six. She is the Angelina Jolie of the family. They are adopted, she is doing God’s work.


So, in we walk amidst this interesting group. With the crying  and fighting and the sippy cups!

Everyone was very accommodating with those knowing

I had the craziest pancakes I’ve ever had..ripes bananas, cream, pineapples and macadamian nuts and some syrup that I’ve never heard of. Boy, was it good!!


This photo – took up a whole wall. The ceilings were very high.



Yep. That’s one of the little culprits. The littliest and the loudest.


That’s the name of the place. I hear the atmosphere at night is pretty good with really good music.


That’s the crazy pancake menu. I would definitely go there again.



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