Bench in busy Street

IMG_7040 BENCH 5
It got me thinking about these benches in the middle of the road on Flatbush Avenue, a very busy avenue. Traffic whizzing by on both sides of you while you are sitting there. Gives new meaning to the term ‘playing in traffic’.

IMG_7039 BENCH 4

Here is another view. I have never seen anyone sitting on any of these benches. I must give that a try one day.




2 responses to “Bench in busy Street

  1. I liked this. I’ve noticed that in Taiwan, where I’m currently living (one more year), it is rare to find benches on the streets. Even at bus stops, taxi stands, etc., benches aren’t that common. I miss them. Nice to see these. It’s fun to sometimes just sit and watch the world go by, or at least, a piece of the city. 🙂


    • This is an odd placement. Its an island surrounded by a sea of traffic. This road sees bumper to bumper traffic all day long its quite near the entrance to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. On my next days off I’m going to go sit and take photos. I go by there often and I’ve never seen anyone sitting there. LOL.


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