Rusty Gold

IMG_7736 old car I saw this old shell of a car yesterday as I moved about running errands in Brooklyn. Its cage was of fencing that was still new. I wonder if the plan is to restore it, that would be amazing. I must go back and see if I can get a picture with the gates open. We shall see. Maybe I will learn the make and model.





4 responses to “Rusty Gold

    • More like a mega restoration LOL. There is this show on the History Channel called American Pickers. They buy, sell and restore stuff. This they would restore to running and leave the rust in place. It’s wild to see something so rusty actually running. The host calls it ‘rusty gold’. 🙂


      • I’ll look for that show. Scrolling through tv channels is sort of like blog surging on certain channels ! Hub and I are so-o-o-o “unhandy”, I can’t imagine doing any kind of restoration, let alone with this baby.


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