Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer lovin’

IMG_6809 meadow

I love spending time at the Botanic Gardens during the summer.

IMG_6971 canna on pond

This was a plant in the pond at the garden along with the water  lilies

museum 023

All Talk and No Work, 1855-56

by Francis William Edmonds

American painter, 1806-1863

I enjoy popping into the Museum as well. There is always something interesting going on here.




 Yeah, I do that. My camera occupies the passenger seat, or the lap of the passenger in the seat whenever I hit the road.

Stops at red lights provides great opportunities for photos. Most times I just pull over.


Outdoor Art installation in Manhattan. I couldn’t tell him to move so I snapped it from his back.

Yep, it’s made of metal.

I go nowhere without my trusty Rebel 3.