Last Saturday was a day out, in New Jersey no less. It was interesting getting there as it always is for me. I hate the drive but once I am there I love it. It’s different being in the suburb without being in the mountains. We gathered at this restaurant. Yes, this is a restaurant. The décor was antique. Seems they even kept the dust on the record player! It was awesome. The food wasn’t bad either.

IMG_8462 restaurant


IMG_8455 chair coat rack antique




I felt like I was in someone’s living room

IMG_8447 grammphone


IMG_8446 grammphone antique



IMG_8433 antique ice bucket

Yep, the lemonade was served in those jars which I thought was pretty cool.

IMG_8432 antique silver

IMG_8459 wine bottle torch

                                                  This was in the outdoor seating area – a wine bottle torch.

I am definitely borrowing this idea.

It was a pretty good day. I love old stuff.