Time Glass challenge

Carpe Diem Time Glass challenge

Write/compose a new haiku inspired on the given photo and prompt


Credits: Chemtrails


uproar in the clouds
heralds his coming – tenor
sax was the flourish



Resting Place 

autumn leaves ride wind

to join the float down stream it’s

a fall ritual




12 responses to “Time Glass challenge

  1. Snow falling in September
    summer dies quickly
    hope awakens slowly

    — we have snow today — freaky yes. welcome no. 🙂

    Your photos and haiku inspired my thinking — and feelings about snow in september!


  2. Beautifully done…and the ritual of fallen leaves is the nicest part…sad but so colourful and I love walking in the crunchy dry leaves…so I hope it will not rain or snow too soon before we can walk through these leaves.


  3. I really love your photo of the log cabin with leaves on the roof instead of snow, don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this .. your haiku are nicely written … a great job done.


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