Carpe Diem Haiku

Photo: Flickr Robert Montgomery – Queen of the Night



lunar influence

a magical moon garden

blooms in the moonlight




Night-Blooming Cereus or Queen of the Night

This common name refers to many different plants, but all are night-blooming cacti. Most feature large, spectacular, sweet-scented white blooms that, to me, look like fireworks. The blooms open at night and usually start wilting by sunrise. Unless you live in a tropical area, these should be treated as house plants – they can summer outside in cold areas but must be brought inside for winter.

15 responses to “MOON GARDEN

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the night-blooming cereus. I’ve never seen one, even though I live in the desert. I have, however, signed up to be notified when they bloom in Tucson, all because of your post today!

    Inspired by Yozakura


    • I had not heard of this. Now that you searched it out I have to see if there is any such thing in this area. Sounds wonderful! And of course, now I want a moon garden. The more I bury myself in the journey of haiku the more goodies I find:)-


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