IMG_5616 maui sunset


minutes before sunset
the spell has been cast
spellbound mortals
eased to a halt
faced due west
concerns evaporate
mesmerized in a dream
summoned by the gods
gaze steadfast
into magnificent skies
the sun disappears
beyond the horizon
it’s gone to rest
dusk is born
the setting sun in infinite glory
on santorini greece
the spell lifted



Photo taken on Maui where the experience was the same.

On Santorini it felt like there was more to it. Maybe

because this place is atop an ancient volcano.

14 responses to “Sunset

    • Thank you. What’s funny is I remember having to consciously force myself to watch the people, watching the sunset. Everyone had this bemused look. It was amazing, they were in another place. No one spoke.; )-


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