The Heart


The Heart

You know this is a mistake

You know this man is no good for you

You are again on the verge of losing yourself

Why does the heart not follow where the mind leads?

This question put to me by a friend today

Greater minds than yours or mine have pondered this question my friend

The heart and the mind are just Asynchronous

There is nothing to be done

Old loves should give birth to wiser hearts

Being of sound mind you can decipher the sense from the nonsense.

But there is always the heart

It wants what it wants

We are just along for the ride






woodpecker signals

for wary hearts surrender

shifting the focus

I learned today of omens attributed to sightings or dreaming of woodpeckers:-

Opportunity knocking
Bring something back into focus
Shakeup the awareness of others
Changes are happening in your life so seize the moment. For further reading click the link below.



Ice Skating

Ice Skating

ice skating king queen

rebel swans owning the ice

Brits Torvill and Dean



Below is a link to the  performance of Torvill and Dean at the 1984 Winter Olympics. They skated to Ravel’s Balero. At the time, I had heard this before but had no idea what the name was, or I had heard the name but hadn’t put the two together.

Their performance was amazing to watch, boy was it different all the way down to their costume. The entire arena was on their feet afterward. Even the announcers had shut up, they too were mesmerized.