2 responses to “Little New Year

  1. Don’t ya just love hearing the birds gather and then seeing them all fly away! The other day, there were hundreds of black birds land in our yard and we opened our front door and they all flew away but we could hear the rustling and the boisterous sounds of their wings vibrating and their caws.. It was a sight! Thank you for sharing! Love how you brought the picture to life it seems!

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    • It was the funniest thing. This happened on my way to work this morning, I kept looking to see them but all I did was hear them. I crept closer to the bush, half expecting them to fly away. They didn’t! ! They just got really quiet, lol! It was hilarious. Birds with attitude. Of course I walked into work with a big Ole grin on my face. Had a great day! Thanks for taking the time to comment:)


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