Photo taken 3 feet away, she was on the fence, i was looking up.

Prompt: Back to Basics, Classical Haiku


her song heralds spring

my proximity ignored

single mindedness



Published in response to Carpe Diem Haiku Prompt Classical Haiku…I failed miserably.

For further reading on the prompt with responses follow link below


14 responses to “SPRING

  1. Oh, what a tremendous photo! The texture in those feathers — exquisite!!!
    And – I wouldn’t say you failed miserably. Not at all. Spring is all about single-mindedness in the bird world — and there was joy here. Nicely done, in fact.


  2. oh, you clever thing! Taking a picture of a bird is difficult enough, but capturing that snooty indifference on her/his part is brill.
    The haiku isn’t too shabby either. And you have the birdfeathers for tomorrow here already.
    I appreciate the absence of a brick wall 🙂


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