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she sang from her soul

raw, open lived every note

melancholy blues



For Carpe Diem Haiku

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Baransu: Memories


Baransu: Memories

This post is in response to the prompt from Carpe Diem Haiku.
Our host has created new haiku writing technique called Baransu. Baransu is the Japanese word for balance

Host’s example of his creation with an explanation are as follows:

‘a walk through the city’ … in this line we already a few possible things to associate on e.g. “walk” and “city”. I have chosen to use “walk” to associate on.
‘step by step I discover’ … in this line the possible associations can be on “step” and “discover”. I have chosen to us “discover” and came to this third line:
‘a newly built world’
Let me bring the three lines to each other than the following haiku will be formed:

a walk through the city
step by step I discover
a newly built world

© Chèvrefeuille

The above haiku is, in my opinion, Baransu, in balance. That balance I have reached through associating on the different images in every line of the above haiku.”

So the inter-relationship between the lines leads to balance.

Here is my effort


buried in thoughts of you
happy memories out flood sad
didn’t feel that way then



For further reading on the prompt and other responses follow link below