Soaking Wet


soaking wet I stroll

my clothes mirror my journey

richness of blessings



In response to prompt “soaking wet” from Carpe Diem Haiku

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I have to say, the songs of the skylark I have heard before. Though I had no idea what type of bird was raising such delicious ruckus.  Thanks to the link provided by our host Jen of Blog it or Loose It, our guest host for this episode, I now know.  It was quite the listen. Over and over again, as I swore I heard a harp in the distance.
I don’t know,  I may be losing it, yet again.
Regardlesss, from here on I will listen to bird songs with new ears.

The following is my entry


awashed in melody

harps in accompaniment

skylark in tune



For recording of skylark songs

This post is in response to the
Carpe Diem Prompt : Skylark

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