B is for Bunker

Today is day two of the Blogging A to Z Challenge

I thought I would take this opportunity to learn a little more about art/artists/painters/paintings and master works than I do know, which is sorta skimpy.


The Pool, Medfield  1889

Dennis Miller BUNKER  (1861-1890)

Painting is of the Charles River 15 miles outside of Boston in 1889. Bet it looks nothing like that today!


fallen fairy dust
leave periwinkle sprinkles
soothing the landscape



Painter Dennis Miller Bunker (1861-1890) was born in New York City, studied in US and in Paris, graduating in 1885. He taught in Boston  at the Cowles Art School. That same year Bunker had his first one-man exhibition. In 1888 he spent the summer in England painting landscapes. That summer he became greatly influenced by impressionism. His new style of painting was a hit in Boston. He met his wife in 1889 Eleanor Heady, married in october of 1890. He got sick and died that Christmas. He was 29 years old. (http://www.aaa.si.edu/) Wow! A bit of a tragedy. But it’s all about what he did during that dash (-), you know the dash that comes between your arrival and expiration. In Bunker’s case 1861-1890. Looks like he made it count. 



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