G is for Griffith

G is for Griffith


Unloading the Banana Boats, New Orleans Dock

Louis Oscar Griffith 1875 – 1956

Banana Boats

 dock teems with workers..

unloading banana boats

life in the Big Easy



Louis Oscar Griffith was born on October 10, 1875 in Greencastle, Indiana. He traveled a lot, including to Europe. When he got to New Orleans he fell in love with the place and started portraying scenes from daily life in his work. Griffith moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1893 to attend the St. Louis School of Fine Arts.  He studied in Dallas with Frank Reaugh c. 1890; 1895-1896, 1896-1897, at the School of the Art Institute.  In addition to etching, he was a painter of realistic landscape, portrait and genre, painting with Impressionist-influenced color and broad, relatively loose brushwork. For a look at an overview of his work follow link below. I like the vitality and energy of this piece. Listen to me, vitality and energy, LOL! I’m really getting into this. Can’t you just feel the bustle? I can smell the sweat!




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