H is for Hamilton

H is for Hamilton

Today is day eight of the Blogging A to Z Challenge

elaine hamilton

photo credit: wiki

Title unknown, date unknown.

Elaine Hamilton, oil on canvas, 48″x28″. (1920 –2010)


all about the art

an independent woman

holding her own



Elaine Hamilton-O’Neal, was an internationally known American abstract painter and muralist born near Catonsville, Maryland. She exhibited internationally in solo and multiple-artist exhibits in the United States, Mexico, South Asia, Japan, and throughout Europe. She is known for the work of her final stylistic phase, known as action painting. This is the definition of action painting, sometimes called “gestural abstraction”- it is a style of painting in which paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. Jackson Pollock did that. In the late 1940s to early 1950s, her work exhibited earthy textures and colors, as well as heavy, sculpted, cubist forms. It was increasingly abstract. I am so proud of myself, I actually identified this painting as abstract and cubist before I read it! Some of this stuff is sinking in.

Hamilton moved to Paris. In 1971, she bought a chateau in France, where she lived and worked for the next 30 years. She lived in New York, a tent at base camp of Mount Everest.  I wonder if she climbed it. Well, she got in the ring with a bull, as a bullfighter so its entirely possible. She was married forever, I think 60 years, but they spent most of their married lives apart. No divorce, just her doing her thing and him doing his. Those are the ones the last the longest.




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