M is for Monet

Today in the A to Z Challenge

The letter is M, well yesterday was M playing catch up. Plus, I just couldn’t seem to stop with Monet:)

I am using this challenge to learn more about art and the artists who painted them.


Impression, Sunrise, 1872
Oscar-Claude Monet (1840 – 1926)
(the painting that launched a new style of painting)


rebels with new eyes

creating a new genre

leaves an impression




8 responses to “M is for Monet

    • Sorry. I’ve had a crazy couple of days, now I’m trying to keep up! All the reading I’ve done for this suggests that Giverny is an awesome place. His work feels like it was just an awesome body of work. Paint must have been coursing through his veins. He really changed the direction art had taken up till that point. For me, this was a very enjoyable dig:)

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