Carpe Diem Time Machine #8, Perfume


Today is the first truly warm day of the spring here. The feel is that we are well into spring yet, because of the severe winter tender petals are still in bud stage. To awaken spring within me and  for a chance to dream of the type of garden I wish for this year I set out for the terminal market.   it is an open air market and everything is in full bloom.  As I stroll down the aisle the very much alive and blooming rose bushes are in competition with the fully blooming hyacinths. It’s a bonanza of colors, and the breeze stirs the pot.

full bodied perfumes

from hyacinths and roses

my senses whirl



Feeling Alone

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #81, Yozakura’s “feeling alone”

feeling alone
lost in the woods around Edo –
just the autumn wind
© Yozakura
Host attempt to make the Tan Renga complete:
feeling alone
in the woods around Edo –
just the autumn wind
colorful leaves dancing
through the abandoned city
feeling alone
in the woods around Edo-
just the autumn wind (Yozakura)
birds under thickets hiding
shelter from the whipping wind
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IMG_6980 end lilly pond

Carpe Diem #708, Wisdom

A haiku by Scottish writer George Bruce, on Widom, chosen be our host:
Books — thousands — on shelves — 
Wisdom of ages.
Folly if not in me
Our Host
never forget
that the camel never forgets
and all will be well
I pray for age
so that I might experience
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