5 responses to “S is for Singer Sargent

  1. Lovely post. John Singer Sargent has always been one of my favorite painters. His subjects look almost luminous and colors he used were so rich. I enjoyed the story about the portrait with the two vases. I may have to visit the Museum in Boston to see it for myself!


    • That was my favorite story too, the next funny story is the so called scandal over the sexy black dress. If they only knew what goes on today:) Madonna and Beyonce comes to mind.


  2. Hi Jazzy – I loved the first portrait and yes what a stir that dress and lady must have caused … while the dancer is incredible … then the story of the vases and the family … interesting .. thanks for sharing with us – Hilary


  3. There is that element of 3-D about his paintings that you mention. I prefer this style of painting to the more abstract offerings. Thank you for the research there’s so much to learn still … Linda 🙂 Visiting from A – Z Challenge


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