U is for Uzunov

Letter  U

 Today is the letter U in the A to Z Challenge

I am taking this opportunity in this challenge to learn more about art and the artist who make them today’ s artist is

Dechko Uzunov

Portrait of young woman

Dechko Uzunov 1899-1986



Pensive mood

Pondering life’s journey

Hoping for clarity



Dechko Uzunov, Bulgarian artist born in 1899  was a professor, an academic, Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, Director of the National Art Gallery, Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, an honorary member of multiple foreign academies, and the holder of a multitude of highly-respected national and international awards.

Dechko Uzunov was born at the very end of the 19th century. His road in art was very long and happy. He studied at the graduated from the Bulgarian Art Academy (1919–22) and the Munich Academy(1922–24). He became a Professor when he was only thirty seven. He held one-man exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. In 1976 Uzunov was appointed Chairman of the International Association of Art with UNESCO. He was an honorary member of the Mexican and the Russian Art Academies. In 1999, thirteen years after his death, Dechko Uzunov was announced a World Personality of the Year by UNESCO on occasion of his 100th birth anniversary. Over 120 exhibitions with some of his most popular works were organized after the establishment of the Dechko Uzunov Gallery and Museum in Bulgaria and abroad. One of the last exhibitions was held in May, 2014 at the European Commission Representation in Sofia.

Dechko Uzunov was a well respected and highly regarded artist. There was not an extensive amount of information available on his on the internet. Not much on his early life.



Dechko Uzunov

A composition, 1970–1979


Dechko Uzunov

A composition, 1970–1979


Nude, 1980



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Opening of Exhibition by Dechko Uzunov On display until 20th November