leafcutter ant picture

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Carpe Diem Prompt: Universal Self

We are part of all and everything. We are all one with God (or Spirit, Light …) and God is one with us. Finally we will be only spirit …. oneness …

Our Host

no boundaries left

all one with nature, the universe

a new day rises

© Chèvrefeuille


ant rounds my finger

I wait to feel the crawling

nothing! – so I watch



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Spider’s Thread

Jumping Spider

Photo Credit:

Carpe Diem Little Creatures #21, Chiyo-ni’s “spider’s thread”

a single spider’s thread
ties the duckweed
to the shore

© Chiyo-ni


 vail of spider web

face to face with the spider

biggest catch ever



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IMG_0298 seagulls deating clams

I am strolling on the sand watching a pair of geese feeding along the waters edge. They move like life partners, in unison, through feeding seagulls without a care. Reflection of the rising sun on the water is a wonder to behold. Gold, blue, green a shimmer of turcoise.
I walk along the pier enjoying the solice of the Sunday morning, photographing the shoreline and the scenery with the rising sun.


seagull pass overhead
drops his clam on the asphalt
swooped down for the feast

Did I just see what I saw? I’m stopped in my tracks. I look around. He chuckled I’m sure – yes, it’s just you!
He picked up the clam, glided over open water, gained altitude and from atop the pier, again he dropped it, and again swooped in to continue his feast. I am mesmerized.

“…….all creatures great and small…”



Sunflower Reflection

IMG_8232 sunflower

Carpe Diem Full Circle #1, Sunflower Reflection

Twelve (12) words (for every ”hour”) one word. The goal is to write haiku using the words as given in the clock wise way.

Here are the 12 (twelve) words :

  1. sunflower
  2. rain storm
  3. puddles
  4. beach
  5. waves
  6. making love
  7. seagulls
  8. rain storm
  9. lightning
  10. mountain
  11. peony
  12. nightingale


big bold sunflower
bowing after the rain storm
reflects in puddles

morning stroll on beach
skirting around breaking waves
holding hands – making love

seagulls squawk and dive
feast on rain storm’s new bounty
moves at lightning speed

in mountain garden
peony is in full bloom
nightingale’s solo