Letter Z
Today is the letter Z in the A to Z Challenge

I am taking this opportunity in this challenge to learn more about art and the artist who make them today’ s artist is



 Title: La place d’Anvers 1880

Oil on canvas impressionist

            Federico  ZANDOMENEGHI (Italian, 1841 – 1917) Place d’Anvers, Paris, 1880



folks passing the time

on an ideal summer’s day

family memories

PR  2/05/15

La Terrasse Federico Zandomeneghi – 1895

Woman in corset – Federico Zandomeneghi

Zandomeneghi (1841 – 1917)



a to z



10 responses to “Z is for ZANDOMENEGHI

  1. Hi Jazzy – well done .. you’ve researched so well … and there’s so much to learn from your posts – I will be back to read at some stage … I’ll remember when you post again and it shows in my feedly. Congratulations and this is a fantastic Z – someone I’ve never heard of .. cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary! I had a hard time finding your blog, and when I did I couldn’t comment. I think the two platforms don’t a like each other:) But now that I’m done running around like a chicken with its head off (last day of school) I’ll remedy that. Thanks for all your support.


  2. Now that the pace has settled I am finding new blogs to visit and to comment on. I love your theme for the challenge and enjoyed seeing the different artists through your interpretations. Congratulations on completing the challenge. Visiting from A – Z Challenge (Linda)

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