Carpe Diem #723 buying a cookie

With this haiku “buying a cookie”  of Basho’s came a preface which is shared below.

“I visited the Atsuna Shrine. The buildings were in ruins, the earthen walls had crumbled and were hidden in a field of weeds. Sacred straw ropes had been put to mark the site of the lesser shrine and rocks piled up to show the shrine itself. Ferns and mosses, growing as they will, only made the place more sacred and captured one’s heart.”

buying a cookie
even the ferns are withered
at a rest stop

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

As we read the haiku again than in the last line we can read that Basho took a stop to rest and eat something, so he was just eating a cookie, but in this haiku (with the preface) he makes this eating of a cookie almost a holy sacred moment … what a man this Basho a true Saint.

tired of spinning
the cat takes time for itself
and washes his face

© Chèvrefeuille

My Attempt

IMG_7374 boulder in creek


done working in yard
sit by creek watching water
eyes follow bubbles


For further reading and other responses on prompt follow link below


15 responses to “Water

  1. I like the wuitesimplicity of this one. Those moments of quiet after hard work can be precious, and deeply spiritual


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