solandra grandiflora 3

Gold Chalice Vine, Solandra  Grandiflora

Photo credit: SmartSeeds on Etsy

I’ve been looking at this photo for a while now. This flower just speaks to me. At one point I told myself that this was a silk flower. It was just too perfect. It’s a trumpet vine, with a truly large flower. The 8 to 10 inch flower opens pale yellow with purple stripes, then turn deep gold as they age. It’s a monster drought tolerant and seems pretty aggressive, but the glory of the flower would have you overlooking that aspect of it. Of course it’s all about growth,  it’s native to the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. They’re wonderfully fragrant, especially at night. I can just imagine, when the heat of the sun is gone leaving behind a coconut infused humidity.

delicate beauty

reaching for the sky

the smell of coconuts



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