Friday Flowers

Carpe Diem Special #152, Rallentanda’s fourth “friday flowers”

When youth reigned, friday nights were my favorite. The end of the work week was for kicking back and truly relaxing. Most often this meant we were on a blanket, on the floor of a B747, near the galley drinking ouzo and playing poker on the way to a weekend in Athens. Where of course, there was no sleep to be had. Yeah, when youth reigned!
I still love fridays, but now I part take in more earth bound pursuits.

around firepit
friday night garden party
scent of lavender



Inspired by

 winter – friday night
faces glow like flowers in
soft lighting at the pub
© Rallentanda


warm summer night
drinking together with friends
perfume of Honeysuckle
© Chèvrefeuille

10 responses to “Friday Flowers

    • It’s kinda crazy when I think about it now. Over 400 people in one plane. Of course, when we were doing that madness the flights were never really full. That’s why we got away with it:))


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