Summer Waves

IMG_5522 big splash

Carpe Diem #771 natsu no nami (summer waves)

wind and surf

above a whisper

summer waves



kisagata ya nami no ue yuku mushi no koe

Kisa Lagoon–
riding on the waves
insects singing  © Kobayashi Issa

also by Issa:

hamamatsu ya semi ni yorube no nami no koe

Hamamatsu beach–
helping out the cicadas
singing waves  ©  Kobayashi Issa

shimmering sky
behind a thin veil of heat –
seagulls cry © Chèvrefeuille

9 responses to “Summer Waves

  1. A nice take on the prompt.

    A good news! i have noinated you for the prestigious Versatile Bloggers’ Award. Kindlly check my post,Versatile award 2 at eccentricgrandmum.blogspot. dated 9th July 2015


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