Orange Leaf


This post is in response to Carpe Diem Prompt which is to find a favorite haiku of Chiyo-ni and compose one in a similar spirit. I had never heard of this poet. Well, once before one of her haiku was part of the prompt. But who am I kidding. There is much I had never heard of about Haiku untill I started trying to learn about it in this Carpe Diem Haiku group. Reading her work and a bit about her life was.. clarifying. This was some further reading I did about Chiyo-

“…Oneness with nature” seems especially resonant in Chiyo-ni’s haiku. Basho’s theory of oneness with nature was that the poet should make a faithful or honest sketch of nature. In the Sanzohi (1702), Basho’s disciple, Doho, explains his teacher’s theory: “Learn about the pine from the pine and the bamboo from the bamboo–the poet should detach his mind from self . . . and enter into the object . . . so the poem forms itself when poet and object become one.” This experience is analogous to the Buddhist idea of satori, or enlightenment, what Kenneth Yasuda called the “haiku moment.” When writing haiku, Chiyo-ni immersed herself in nature, honestly observing what she saw, as in the following haiku:

sound of things
dropping from the tree–
autumn wind….”

My attempt

orange leaf
rock and sway –
on its way home



This is the source of the above info

For further reading on this prompt as presented by our host and for other responses follow this link:

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