Wednesday Writer’s Quote


I am participating in this new thing called Writer’s Quote Wednesday  a collaboration between Ronovan Writes and also on twitter  #BeWoW

I love this idea of quoting a writer as it pertains to writing.  A quote that influence,  inspired, leave a mark on your psyche.  For mine as far as who said it..sorry, don’t remember his name, having a malfunction of my gray matter.  He was being interviewed or was on a panel discussion on the process of writing or growing a character.

In essence he said

“…as a writer the characters reveal themselves to the writer. They start as a shadow,  a distant mirage moving toward you. As they get closer the image is sharper ending with the revelation that we as writers gladly take credit for…”

That was the coolest thing I’d ever heard a writer say. Some others that I found that now have me digging for their work:

“It is perectly okay to write garbage – as long as you edit brillantly” – C.J. Cherryh


” Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards”

– Robert A. Heinein


“if you wish to be a writer, write.” – Epictetus



20 responses to “Wednesday Writer’s Quote

  1. That quote from the unnamed writer is so true. I’m experiencing that now. The more you write, the more the characters reveal who they are.

    I also love “It is perectly okay to write garbage – as long as you edit brilliantly.” That’s a comfort to me right now!


    • I too have experienced that over and over. And I swear. Every time I’m about to throw in the towel that guy (that wrote the first one) pops into my head. I’m so upset with myself for not remembering his name. He was kinda famous too:)

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  2. Excellent quotes…the last one is what made me write so much on this blog which I started over a year after Tornesoldansunjardin. I saw a blogger giving advice on blogging…he said to write write and write some more, so I did and I got better over time.


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