The goal is to write a haiku (the sleigh) and to write three new haiku (the horses) by using the three lines of the haiku (the sleigh).

over desert road

shimmering image
nesting on glass and steel
in urban canyon

mirage dissipates
as I try for a closer look
continues journey

over desert road
tsunami of tumble weeds
steady summer wave

My troiku inspired by:

kageroo ya

hoshite wa nururu

ishi no ue

heat shimmers
over the stone
(Fukuda Choyo-ni)

For Carpe Diem Haiku

Never Enough

The Challenge is to choose a haiku you like, say why and write something similar. I chose something by Fukuda Chiyo-Ni  (1703-1775)  a haiku poetess that was holding her own with the masters of her time. Fukuda Chiyo-ni was a Japanese poet of the Edo period. This is the haiku I chose I don’t know how similar mine is. But it’s what I felt on reading hers. I like this because it has a mature reflective, and introspective feel to it.

never enough
for a woman’s heart –
summer breeze

Here is my attempt:

I keep trying
to push you out of my heart –
super moon and venus



For a bit more about her and a glimpse at her work go here

Fukuda Chiyo-ni

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku