WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

My happy place, where I go to rejuvenate/ recharge.

IMG_7374 boulder in creek

Try to imagine sitting on that seat. The gushing of the water will wash away all your stress:) Really!!


This is how it looks with snow on it.


This is how much higher the water gets. Now it’s covering my seat. It has gotten higher I’m sure.

IMG_9884 down creek

Twilight at the creek. At times it does feel more like a river.


After a rainfall, and not necessarily here but further up the mountain. Muddy Waters!

IMG_7373 really nice long shot up creek

Calmer day at the creek, yet still rumbunctious.



In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”



distant sounds of
the boisterous creek
the crackling fire’s
flickering flames holding my gaze
distilling my crowded thoughts
smell of cinnamon sticks
transporting me to tranquil
wrapped in the arms of love
nibbles along jawline to earlobes
controlled exhale of passion’s breath
the warmth of the fire no match
for the fire you stir within