WP Weekly Photo Challenge:Trio



Summer flowers are still blooming in my garden.

Clearly on this 61 degree fall day, I’m not the only one confused. Or just maybe this is its time, and I am the one in the dark.

Have a good week and a happy turkey day (Thanksgiving). Before you delve in, remember to embrace and give thanks for all you have to be thankful for!

Pat R



7 responses to “WP Weekly Photo Challenge:Trio

  1. Hi Pat! Yes the “seasonal confusion” is definitely going on here in the Pac NW–after the storm that took out power, I saw that trees were bare except for the cherry tree outside my window, which had sprouted blossoms! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving–a fave holiday of mine (being thankful and giving) 🙂


  2. We’ve had a rather nice November so far, but snow is on the horizon, or at least that’s what the weather forecast says. There are a few brave and hearty flowers still around and lots of leave, though. Seasonal overlap. 🙂



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