Home Coming

dandelion fluff

takes to the wind

in search of…


home coming

a leg of journey-


Pat R


Inspired by:

“…As I returned to Tsuruga, Rotsu met me and accompanied me to the province of Mino. When we entered the city of Ogaki on horseback, Sora joined us again, having arrived from the province of Ise; Etsujin, too, came hurrying on horseback, and we all went to the house of Joko, where I enjoyed reunion with Zensen, Keiko, and his sons and many other old friends of mine who came to see me by day or by night. Everybody was overjoyed to see me as if I had returned unexpectedly from the dead. On September the sixth, however, I left for the Ise Shrine, though the fatigue of the long journey was still with me, for I wanted to see a dedication of a new shrine there. As I stepped into the boat, I wrote:

a clam

torn from its shell

departing autumn

©Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

For Carpe Diem

Well, since I made mention of dandelion fluff and I couldn’t find the real name I found this

Dandelion fluff video


11 responses to “Home Coming

  1. I just love the poem you wrote here and did imagine the dandelion fluff…millions of fluff blowing in the wind actually, “a leg of journey” wow! love this line. I truly enjoyed the video…it’s amazing how nature evolves, each stage is artistic…the Great Spirit has much talent:)


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