glistens under rising sun
at dawn

Pat R


This month at Carpe Diem Haiku we’re working on kigo ( season) words. That is, words that in this form of poetry is referring to the time of year. For today the word is


Inspired by

“.. ‘dawn’ is extracted from Jane Reichhold’s “A Dictionary of Haiku” and is a modern kigo for winter, based on the online version of this ‘dictionary’…”

birds start to sing
at dawn

© Chèvrefeuille

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thoughts and entanglements




Anxious and fearful as his name is called

Blissful play comes to a screeching halt

Carey said he should run, he wouldn’t be at fault

Danger is behind that door that was the advice from Walt

Every kid in the room is still playing

For they don’t know the price they’ll be paying

Gone is the fun he was having today

How is he ever going to make it through this day

Imagined the biggest needle for sure

Just seeing a white coat and he knows the score

Kindness and gentleness in abundance he needs

Love and tight hugs from mom he will seek

Maybe on this visit it won’t be that sad

Now that he’s a big boy he can’t act that bad

Often when he’s scared mom makes it go away

Promises were made that he’ll still want to play

Quietly he…

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.
Willa Sibert Cather
(1873 -1947) was an American author who achieved recognition for her novels of frontier life on the Great Plains, including O Pioneers! (1913), The Song of the Lark (1915), and My Ántonia (1918).

I am participating in Writer’s Quote Wednesday over at Silver Threading.com. the above is my quote for this week.

This one had me thinking. I have written many essays which made for decent reading, I hope. Whenever I would read them aloud to family members there would be such laughter. I felt like a stand up comic. In the writing of it though, that was not my intention. I got the feeling that the absurdity of the situations mixed with innate sadness unfelt then, but evident now was at play.

Makes for colorful writing right?

So thinking back, this time line fits. These events all took place before the age of fifteen. Willa Cather had a point. I do remember that around the teen years everthing was a matter of life and breath.

Before that, life was in technicolor, so graphic, everything and everyone was huge and larger than life. Until I grew up and went back home, where of course, everything had shrunk.

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on midwinter day
whispered breath less visible
spring still a mirage

Pat R


Carpe Diem #892 Kan-no-uchi (mid-winter)

Inspired by:

“…Mid winter is the coldest time of winter, but its also the moment that the cold starts to loose control. Nature is turning back to the warmer weather of spring…”

This month at Carpe Diem Haiku we’re working on kigo ( season) words. That is, words that in this form of poetry is referring to the time of year.
In this episode the prompt words are “Kan-no-uchi (mid-winter).”

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