Echoes of My Neighborhood

This week my neighborhood is more suburban than urban. I am in the mountains breathing good air, and getting good sleep.

              last night the rains came
nature’s lullaby
dreams danced in childhood


                Twin maples, now bare


The smallest of the forsythia bushes, such curves.


Something was slittering through the crunchy ice


Remnants of fall long gone


That picnic table is doomed after many harsh winters


Old mini cabin holding secrets of tiny creatures


Crunchy snow and ice along upper edges of the creek


The winter sun was starting to set the light on the water was captivating.

Pat R



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7 responses to “Echoes of My Neighborhood

  1. Looks like a great place to get away Pat. Lovely haiku to show how you were affected by your stay. Trust there were no lunatics with guns out in the forests disturbing the peace.


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